.NET Stack, Heap and Boxing

February 4, 2022  -   5 mins read time -   946 words -  garrardkitchen

csharp, .net, stack, heap, allocations, gc, boxing

This week I have been investigating how to reduce memory allocation in a few HTTP APIs. I won’t go into any explicit work-related examples here but I will touch on facets relating to this effort. Let’s start off by looking at Reference Types and Value types and how they get allocated into the Heap. I will also touch on concepts such as boxing and GC pressure. Let me start off with some facts: ...

The Grass Is Rarely Greener

January 30, 2022  -   7 mins read time -   1375 words -  garrardkitchen

azure, aws, empty promises, building relationship, willing, attrition, managed service

I recently had a conversation that stirred up some surpressed memories. The conversation was related to moving to a different cloud vendor. That journey didn’t work out so well for me and the company I was working for at the time. Sadly, that company stopped trading and I don’t think it’s that much of a leap to link that journey to the demise of that company. Hopefully, now the title of this post is starting to make more sense? ...

Nodejs Install E401

January 22, 2022  -   2 mins read time -   322 words -  garrardkitchen

nodejs, e401, azure functions, npm feed, upstream feed, typpescript

Today I created a simple nodeJS Azure Functions Applicaiton to start building out a PoC and when I tried to install it’s dependencies like so: npm install I got this little cherub back instead: npm ERR! code E401 npm ERR! Incorrect or missing password. npm ERR! If you were trying to login, change your password, create an npm ERR! authentication token or enable two-factor authentication then npm ERR! that means you likely typed your password in incorrectly. ...

Kubernetes Pod Disruption Budget and the Helm hasKey Function

January 21, 2022  -   3 mins read time -   603 words -  garrardkitchen

Pod Disruption Budget When working with Kubernetes, one crucial component of configuration is known as a PDB (Pod Disruption Budget). A PDB will ensure your workload remains running when you work through a Voluntary Disruption. What on earth is a Voluntary Disruption? A Voluntary Disruption is when you trigger an action that causes the disruption. For example, if you wish to upgrade a Minor AKS version or any action that recycles a Node Pool. ...

Adding more Github Self-Hosted Runners

January 18, 2022  -   2 mins read time -   310 words -  garrardkitchen

github self-hosted runner, linux, issue

Adding more GitHub Self-Hosted Runners To help build out our numbers of GitHub Self-Hosted Runner, we took a shortcut and had cloned an existing Linux VM. Unfortunately, the by-product of doing this resulted in (a) the clonee (source) Linux VM had their Self-Hosted hijacked by the new VM and (b) we had a Runner registered in GitHub that didn’t actually have a running runner - Offline 🤪. Madness! Ok, so what to do? ...

Hybrid Origins Http Traffic

January 15, 2022  -   3 mins read time -   532 words -  garrardkitchen

cloudflare, dns, uri forwarder, page rules, zones, domain, hostname

We’re migrating our on-premise workloads to Azure. This has presented several challenges. One of which is what I am covering specifically here in this post and that is … How to reduce code change effort? This isn’t about updating runtimes, this is about having workloads spread across different platforms that need to talk to each other (with some HTTP chaining 👀). It is not uncommon for one HTTP API to need to talk to another HTTP API. ...

K8s Selectors and Labels

January 15, 2022  -   3 mins read time -   514 words -  garrardkitchen

kubernetes, k8s, deployment, pod, replicaset, selectors, equality-based, set-based, kubectl

Right, what’s the deal with all the labels and metadata in a Deployment manifest?!!!! Take this example: apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: namespace: default name: nginx-deployment labels: app: nginx spec: replicas: 3 selector: matchLabels: app: nginx foo: baa template: metadata: labels: app: nginx foo: baa spec: containers: - name: nginx image: nginx:1.14.2 ports: - containerPort: 80 Here, we see metadata twice, and also there’s mention of matchLabels in selector??? What does it all mean? ...

Azure Defender for Cloud

January 15, 2022  -   3 mins read time -   615 words -  garrardkitchen

azure, defender for cloud, cicd, cve, github actions, windows containers

Defender for Cloud Containers Setting up Defender for Cloud Containers to work with your CICD pipeline is quick and uncomplicated. I do not walk through these set up steps in this post. For that, you can follow those few steps here in this Microsoft post instead ➡ Setup. The goal of this post is to highlight a few areas of interest and to share my opinions on this feature. I have understandably obfuscated sensitive information. ...


January 11, 2022  -   3 mins read time -   627 words -  garrardkitchen

github actions, npm, nodejs, e401, cert_not_yet_valid, docker, acr, npmrc, GH Secrets

Today a PR Merge resulted in a GHA failure. Sadly, this is not the only CICD pipeline to fail this year! This particular pipeline builds a NodeJS Image, pushes the image to ACR and deploys the service to a production Docker Swarm (on merge to main). This was the error: [3/7] RUN npm install: #7 1.469 npm ERR! code E401 #7 1.470 npm ERR! Unable to authenticate, need: Bearer authorization_uri=https://login. ...

Github Actions Workflow Env Vars

January 8, 2022  -   4 mins read time -   690 words -  garrardkitchen

github actions, linux, windows, syntax, self-hosted runner, environment variables, workflow, cicd

In my current role as Head of Cloud Platform, I am leading the technical effort of migrating our entire on-premise real-estate to Azure. Part of this mission, is to upgrade the runtimes of our applications, regardless of their current placement; IIS Web apps, Windows Services and Docker Swarm containers. I say “part of this mission” as another aspect of this migration is to create a new foundation for our platform - AKS. ...